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Jersey – Sunday T20

21 Apr 2013 - Gavan Burden

Sunday was the morning after the night before.

Jersey batted first with Blackers taking the new ball and promptly bamboozling Jersey captain Peter Gough with 5 very-wides on the first ball, then enticing a snick to Ant Shales with the second – so out first ball, at which stage we were on top!

Not for long, as Farley and Hawkins-Kay rather took a liking his bowling which went for 36 off 3.  Goody says his own performance with the ball was pretty notable, given his body was even more broken than usual; I say he bowled slowly (his even slower ball suggests that OOs beckons sooner rather than later), though his 4 overs went for a decent 24 without success, although he thinks he got a wicket too (definite OOs material).

Tom bowled really well again taking 16-1 off his 4, but Grizzle was “meat and drink” (his words) as he was twice as expensive without any success.  Academy youngster Chalky White bowled well and took one wicket for 18 off 3, and could have had a couple more had the ball stuck in hand.  In something of a quandary after Timmy Tip-Toes broke his little toe, KP threw the ball to fiery under bowled Sulieman to “claw them back into the game”. Bowling a tight leg side line, only one over was required for him to “rip through the lower order” (1 over, 1 for 10).  Gibbo, hiding in the field as he had been the previous evening, bowled the last over which was an extremely creditable 1 wicket (their top scorer) for 6 runs.

Blackers’ performance in the deep was notable for one dropped catch and a similar one that stuck.  Butler was a magnet for the ball and ran off the night before with some spectacular diving around, and Ant got a couple of victims behind the stumps.  Unfortunately he also misjudged a full pitch ball on the reverse sweep and became the first of two victims for Fingers.  Blackers left a straight one that straightened, first ball – and his 4th ball of the tour.  Grizzle was bowled through the gate, couldn’t get his pad in the way that time, leaving us a 20-3 after 4 overs.

Olly H and Bull shared a stand of 44 that raised hopes until Olly “Concrete Feet” Howick felt he was triggered by Fingers…”Was it hitting another set?” he claims he heard the disappointed crowd shout!!,  When asked to opine, the umpire’s view was “obviously he could see several sets of stumps on Sunday morning. He casually left his legs fixed in front of the real set, thus presenting me with no choice”.

Butler continued the recovery with some lusty blows, mostly straight and “like tracer bullets” decreed the captain, which meant he promptly swiped one to Cow after a stand of 48.  Tom came in and hit a run-a-ball 11* to match the Bull “jug avoidance” 47* off 49 and leaving us tantalisingly close at 136-5.

So, a second narrow defeat, but another enjoyable game – at least, it was for the spectators.

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