New Junior Chair

26 Feb 2013 - Gavan Burden

We are delighted to announce that Tim Bevan-Thomas has agreed to take over the Junior Chair from Iain Smith who needs to focus on his promotion at Judd School; our thanks go to Iain for his hard work over the last two years.  Tim has three sons in the Junior Section and is a keen…  Continue reading

New Secretary

26 Feb 2013 - Gavan Burden

We warmly welcome Andy Richardson to the committee who has volunteered to take on the role of Club Secretary filling the void left by Russell Thomas a few years back.  Great to have you on board Andy.

New Senior Membership Secretary

26 Feb 2013 - Gavan Burden

The committee extend a warm welcome to Alan Gibson who takes over as Senior Membership Secretary from Alan Smith; our thanks go to Alan Smith for all his hard work over the last few years

AGM – 21st Feb

17 Feb 2013 - Gavan Burden

Don’t forget, everyone, the AGM is on Thursday of this week, 21st Feb.  See you there.

Diary Dates – Socials

4 Feb 2013 - David Harkin

For years we’ve talked about being better at our club socials, well this year is the year we’re going to do it right. Please keep these free and lets have a ton of fun – I hope you’re up for a massive season!  I am.  All are at the club house except fines night. 2nd…  Continue reading