SVCC AGM date set

27 Jan 2013 - Gavan Burden

The SVCC AGM will be at 20.00 on Thursday 21st February 2013 in the pavilion.  Let’s have a big turnout please; much to discuss.

Jersey Update

27 Jan 2013 - Gavan Burden

Numbers now at 14; Fingers to umpire, Chaz to score and GB to organise jugs of gin & tonic.  Any more for a pre-season sharpener?

Senior Nets Start Thursday 10th January

9 Jan 2013 - Gavan Burden

Senior nets start  on Thursday 10th January at Raleys Gym, Sevenoaks, from 7.00 p.m. until 9.00 p.m. and JB will be there with the bowling machine. All seniors are welcome – that means 1s, 2s, 3s, Old Oaks, Jazzers, and the Academy.  Let’s get 2013 going with a BANG!

Club Awards Night

5 Jan 2013 - Gavan Burden

The clubhouse welcomed a large turnout of Seniors, Old Oaks and Juniors for our New Year awards night and Academy launch. Many thanks to Chris Swadkin for coming along and telling us how Blackheath have benefited from their academy and congratulations to the initial 23 for being selected, we look forward to seeing you progress…  Continue reading

Awards Night

19 Dec 2012 - Gavan Burden

Come to the Vineyard on 4th January 2013 for awards night.  We will be presenting prizes and launching the Academy, this new website, Facebook and Twitter – as well as talking about Clubmark for 2013.  Most of all, we will welcome 2013 with a suitable celebration.  Talk to Dave Harkin for more news.