We first gained Clubmark accreditation in 2010 which was successfully renewed in the 2013 season for 3 years. In 2017 Clubmark was officially renewed again until 2020.

By gaining ECB Clubmark accreditation SVCC are undertaking that we are prioritising junior development and creating a benchmark for high quality community club cricket.

Cricket clubs are required to present evidence and demonstrate implementation across four different themes, culminating in the production of a Club Development Plan which can be seen by registered club members on our Play-Cricket web site.

2010 Clubmark Certification URN 1594
2010 Clubmark Certification URN 1594

2013-2016 Clubmark certificate
2013-2016 Clubmark reaccreditation certificate
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2017-2020 Clubmark

reaccreditation certificate

The four themes of Clubmark are:-

  • Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children
  • The Cricket Programme
  • Knowing your club and its Community – One Game
  • Club Management

More information can be found on the ECB website.

Clubmark Contacts

For any Clubmark queries, please contact Caroline Piper or Andy Richardson in the email form on our contact page

For any Safeguarding issues, please contact Caroline Piper in the email form on our contact page

Clubmark Documentation

Please head to the Important Documents page here

Grounds and Medical Information

For Grounds and information on nearest hospitals, please head to Our Grounds.