Missing Child Policy

If a child goes missing, the following policy has been devised to define the actions to take:

1. Ensure other children are looked after appropriately while you organise a search for the child concerned. 

2. You must inform the child’s parents, if they are present at the event, or if not nominate an appropriate person to telephone them and advise of the concern. Reassure them you are doing all you can to locate their child. Remember the child may contact the parents directly so this action is very important. 

3. Organise all available responsible adults by areas to be searched. It is best to take a short time to organise the search properly so that all places are searched fully. 

4. Send searchers immediately to any exits to ensure the child has not left, and to any obvious potential danger spots such as roads, nearby lakes or rivers. 

5. Search the area in which the child has gone missing including changing rooms, toilets, public and private areas and the club’s grounds. 

6. Request all those searching to report back to a nominated adult at a specific place and time. 

7. This nominated person should remain at this reference point and make a note of events, including a detailed physical description of the child. This should include approximate height, build, hair and eye colour as well as the clothing the child was wearing and where and when they were last seen. All this information will be required by the police. If the search is unsuccessful you should then contact the police by calling 101 – or 999 if the missing child is in immediate danger, is a young child or vulnerable to harm. 

8. A report should go to the police no later than 20 minutes after the child’s disappearance is noted, even if the search is not complete. 

9. If the police recommend further action before they get involved, follow their guidance. 

10. If the police act upon the concern, always be guided by them in any further actions to take. 

11. At any stage when the child is located, ensure you inform all adults involved including the parents, searchers and the police if, by then, they are involved. 

12. All missing child incidents must be notified at the very earliest opportunity to the Club Safeguarding Officer, who must immediately notify the County Safeguarding Officer, and they must notify the ECB Safeguarding Team. 

Version: March 2021