Transport Policy

SVCC has a “transport to and from matches and training” policy, set out below:

The Children Act defines a person under 18 years as a child. 

  • SVCC will notify parents / carers that they are responsible for the safe delivery and collection of their child for matches or training; 
  • Parents / carers will be notified of planned matches and training at the start of the season and will be kept updated by the relevant age group managers; 
  • It is not the responsibility of the SVCC Coach or Team Manager to transport, or arrange to transport, the children to and from the club or match; 
  • SVCC must receive permission from parents/carers for children to participate in all competitions and away fixtures / events; 
  • SVCC Coaches or Team managers will communicate the arrangements for pick up and drop off with parents/carers. 

Version: March 2021