First Class & List A Cricketers

SVCC is very proud of its tradition of producing First Class and List A cricketers, you can see a few of them here with links to their ESPN CricInfo stats.

Click on the name of the cricketer, not the picture, to see the ESPN Cricinfo stats.


Chris Tavaré  Mark Benson  Paul Downton  Ed Smith
Steve Smith Dave Fulton Will House Matt Banes
Maurice Holmes Simon Cook  John Bowden Tom Parsons
 Chris Walsh
Wallace Albertyn  Alex Loudon Andrew Lamb  Chris Walsh 
Fabian Cowdrey George Downton  Luke Blackaby  Lorne Burns
Bob Herkes  111702.1    KP LUKE-two-SCHLEMMER-SECOND-PIC
Bob Herkes Chris Hollins  Karl Pearson Luke Schlemmer 
Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 16.13.31 Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 16.07.48    Dgb1a5Oq_400x400  188839.1
Miles Richardson Zak Crawley Adam Rouse Shan Masood