Child Safeguarding

Safeguarding Young Cricketers.

Sevenoaks Vine Cricket club takes the safeguarding and protection of juniors, both ours and our visitors, very seriously.

Our designated Club Safeguarding Officer (CSO) is responsible for promoting the welfare of all children within the club and for dealing with any concerns about the protection of those children.

The CSO role works with best practice as set out by our Clubmark accreditation.

The four key aspects are:-

  • to ensure that there is clear understanding and agreement about good practice guidelines,
  • to ensure that the club promotes and executes good practice fulfilling its responsibilities for child welfare
  • to ensure that all children participating in the sport and as a members of the club have a safe and positive experience.
  • to deal with any protection issues that may arise.

The CSO holds a committee position so they are aware of club objectives and initiatives but remains at all times independent from and impartial to the committee, team managers and club coaches; the welfare of each child is paramount and that requires independence from undue influence.

The CSO attends regular courses including NSPCC Safeguarding and Protecting Children (A guide for sports people) and ECB Safe Hands.
In addition they will hold a valid CRB / DBS check with all these requirements updated every three years.

Our Club Safeguarding Officer:

My name is Caroline Piper and I have been the SVCC Club Welfare Officer since March 2017. I have been associated with the club for many years as my son and daughter have played cricket for Sevenoaks Vine since a young age.

If you would like to know more about child welfare or have any concerns about anything you see then please contact me.

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My contact details are:-

Select ‘Caroline Piper’ in the email form on our contact page

In my absence, the deputy Club Welfare Officer is Jacqueline Daley
Select ‘Jacqueline Daley’ in the email form on our contact page

The following are quick links to basic  SVCC policies and procedures, further information is on the Important Documents page