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August 31st Roundup – Great news

31 Aug 2013 - Gavan Burden

Great weekend for the Vineyard!!
OOs win on Friday

  • 3s get promoted and have a 1st vs 2nd place play off next week at Otford.
  • 2s get a big win (200 ish runs) against Whitstable
  • 1s get a massive win against Whitstable; Miles Richardson gets his first 5-fer and nearly a hat trick; TP gets 4 to get to 40 wickets for the year as we bowl Whitstable out for 79; JB gets 44* and Olly D gets 30ish* as we win by 10 wickets AND
  • Blackheath beat Sibton Park to guarantee our place in the Premier League next year.

Phew – breathe…..