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Clark Trophy Vs Eynsford

29 May 2014 - Gavan Burden

Miles Richardson Vs Eynsford CC 2014.05.29


It’s a 15 over game too[/caption]

The story of the game is “The innings” from Miles Richardson, the 1st XI opening bowler; it was clean hitting at its best and proper cricket shots of astonishing timing, rather than power.

Opening the batting with Omar Iqbal (39*) the number of balls faced was roughly similar to Miles’ 100 which came up with a 6 at the start of the 11th over after which he went on to 172*, with 34 off the last over. Yes and that’s in a 15 over game.

Miles didn’t get a look in with the ball though as Eynsford ended up 82 – 8 leaving the Vine winners by 90 runs.

That’s cricket for you, and another part of history in the making on the Vine.