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Fabian Cowdrey returns to The Vine for 2014

9 Dec 2013 - Gavan Burden

The club is delighted to learn that Fabian Cowdrey is to return to The Vine next season (2014). In the meantime we see that he is having a field day scoring runs for fun in Australia. Let’s hope that’s catching!

Here’s his news post on our Facebook page:-

News Flash:


The ‘West Malling Gazette’ have been strangely maintaining strong surveillance over one of its local residences this week. With one of its occupants away on The Sunshine Coast in Australia it was an ideal opportunity to step in to confirm some crucial news. The unnameable stalkers, three of our finest employees placed cameras on every square inch of the property, (despite being seen on 17 different occasions by Christel…) in order to discover what could become the discovery of the festive period… (read for more)

A young player who joined ‘Slytherin Green Snakes CC’ for the 2013 season, became Tom Parsonsvictim twice in the sides only two clashes. Yuvraj, (discovered trespasser number one) politely addressed twin brother Julius, moments after being sighted from the bathroom window through Christel’s new binoculars.

“Just quickly, did your brother have any answer to the Tom Parsons outswinger?”

Julius rapidly leashed up trained killers Kipper and Beau, before turning his attention back to the Monty Panesar lookalike, “Nope, nor did he have an answer to Grizzle’s 57mph leg stump half volley or my very well disguised grenade launcher..” He grimaces, seeming to stare vacantly at the wintery sky, then continuing to puff out his cheeks as if he was remembering the worst moment in his career… “One of our players forgot his glasses and dropped two fu**ing dollies, and let the bas**rd off the hook!”

The trespassers feared that young Julius’ anger was uncontrollable, proceeding to sprint like cheetahs off the land. Sadly Yuvraj wasn’t as fortunate and lost a leg for his troubles. Beau was kennelled for two weeks by the table tennis table, before being sent to Russia for his first ‘Anger Management’ course… Rumour has it he made a sterling recovery.

However, later that night we called the Residence and they kindly confirmed that Ex Player Fabian Cowdrey will be returning to Sevenoaks Vine CC for the 2014 season…  The family revealed how “delighted” he was to rejoin the boys, despite being “nervous” about where to place Oliver Howick during his overs…

Gazette Limited & Co.


Over the moon to be returning lads! Winning games, sinking victory pints! Have missed it…

Winter well, and Happy Christmas!!