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Hockey Club

25 Jul 2014 - Charlie Compton

The Old Oaks took on the Hockey Club at the Vine in a 16 over thrash on a lovely sunny evening last Friday. They negotiated to bat first, but Bonze and Smith bowled brilliantly, and both took wickets early on. Jones and Lowndes then took over also bowled tightly, and after 10 overs the Hockey Club only had about 60 runs.  Sykes bowled some experimental leg spin late on which was a bit more expensive, but he had a lively quicker ball which took our new keeper, Jez Lawson by surprise. In fact when Jez asked for a warning before the quicker ball, Sykesy replied, “when he hits a massive 6 over Seal Hollow road, the next one will be a quicker one!” The Hockey Club finished on 111 after 16.

Lawson and Harkin opened and got us off to a steady start, and we trundled on at about 7 an over assisted by the extras. The after about 7 overs, Lawson hit 2 big maximums to the left handers equivalent of cow corner to reach 29. That was the cue for a big acceleration, with Constantine playing a blinder and outscoring Nigel Taylor, before being dismissed by a bizarre stumping off a wide ball about three seconds after the wk had caught the ball. Sykesy struck the last 8 required with his first 2 balls.

Another win then!