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Judd School

24 Apr 2015 - Charlie Compton

Not Denis Compton

Having our skip desert us on the first match of the season to go on the hit and miss in Spain I was extremely grateful to find out at 16.00 Friday afternoon that he had forgot that small matter of providing me with balls and a scorebook! Thanks to Rumbers and Gav for helping.

It turned out to be an opening day thriller.

I lost the toss or to be factually correct the Judd captain said we normally bowl first! It was a 15 over match.

The 2 Simon’s, Constantine and Judd opened. Simon C didn’t fill me with confidence when he said make sure number 3 is padded as I won’t be hanging around for long! He was right after hitting a four! Simon J batted fluently hitting a couple of sixes and retired on 27. Nigel Taylor batting at 3 once he got going batted very well ( cheered on by his number one fan his son!) and retired on 25. John Harkin in at 4 with a few swishes didn’t hang around was out for 10. In at 5 Gary Atkins ( Rumbers late replacement allowing Rumbers to smoke his cigar!) he had obviously not followed his pre season training regime as he was moaning about running singles!! He hit a couple of great fours but was out to a good stumping off a wide for 11. In at the end was myself ( batting like Stevie Wonder) NO 20 and Paul Nash NO 2. So we stumbled to 120 /3.

Our opening attack was Will Lowndes ( taking OO’S first wicket of the season 1/ 20 ) and the Alan Smith ( 0/26 ) Coming on first change having dropped a couple of hints of his frustration of not batting higher up the order was the Will minto 0/12. He also managed to not get close to a catch blaming the fact he had to run up the slope to make it! Atkins 1/10 and me ( 1/11) slowed things down. But then in true OO’S style we like to make things close to bring the crowds back Simon Judd felt sorry for them and kindly conceded 14 runs from his one over. This left Judd requiring 19 from the last 2 overs. The experienced Alan Smith bowled the penultimate over going for 10. So we had 9 runs to play with in the final over…cometh the moment cometh the man. Nigel Taylor went for 5 in his first 5 balls including a run out and then clean bowled their batsman with the last ball. Leaving OO’S with a 100% winning record!

Won by 4 runs.

MOM Nigel Taylor 25 NO and 1/11.

Over to Charlie next week and a guaranteed win as I believe it is an inter club match!


ps Charlie I have the balls and scorebook!