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Sevenoaks School

14 Apr 2013 - Charlie Compton

In spite of all the recent rain, our match against Sevenoaks School went ahead in glorious sunshine and relatively high temperatures. The outfield was very wet and slow making batting tricky, but in the end we had a good close match.

The school negotiated to bat first, and opened with young Jamie Richardson (35), son of Old Oaks legend Brian, who looked to have inherited some of his fathers style and panache with the bat. Dave Frost, on loan from Plaxtol opened the bowling for the Old Oaks and bowled a very tidy spell and finished with 1-14 from his 5 overs. Bob Pettit at the other end also bowled a tight spell and the school were kept to only 22 runs off their first 8 overs. Richard Crook and myself came on and they picked the run rate up a bit but a combination of a very slow outfield and some good Old Oaks fielding (mainly the slow outfield) meant boundaries were few and far between. In the 16th over Richard made the breakthrough with the school on 68. Mike Jones came on and bowled very well 2 for 18 off his 3 overs. Ian Sykes, also on debut, tried a slower ball bouncer that very nearly yorked their batsmen on the 2nd bounce. He did clean bowl him next ball with a more conventional delivery.

A fine performance with ball kept the boys down to a gettable 122 from their 30 overs, and Harkin (21) got the Old Oaks off to a fine start. He looks to have refined his technique over the winter and used both the on swipe  and the off swipe to great effect. Ian Sykes (27) also batted very well and looked to be steering the Old Oaks to a rare victory against the school before being dismissed by an outstanding diving catch  by Ed Whelpton at mid on. Cameos from Jones and Crook kept us in the hunt, but wickets fell regularly from then on. The stage was set for the skipper, coming in at 11, with 14 needed off 7 balls. Unfortunately, the first of these 7 was a straight one from Finlay Wood, that shattered the stumps almost before I had a chance to move my bat.

For the full stats, including Manhattans wagon wheels see the impressive attachment from Mr Tavaré click here. All that’s missing is Nasser Hussein providing the commentary, (and the Old Oaks names). The wagon wheel for my innings appears to be faulty too.

Team:- Gavan Burden, Simon Constantine, Richard Crook, Charlie Compton, John Harkin, Mike Jones, Paul Nash, Bob Pettit, Ian Sykes, Gavin Tovey, Dave Frost

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    1. It was a great game and bearing in mind the huge differential, I think this can be claimed as an “Age adjusted win” for OOs!

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