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3 May 2013 - Gavan Burden

It was the first warm and sunny week since August last year and the wicket had showed some signs of drying out and getting hard.  Hardly surprising then that it drew our largest crowd of the year, some hundred of so hockey players and WAGS.

OOs batted first so had first use of the short Hollybush Lane boundary, handsomely furnished with 4X4s, which meant that a youthful looking Otford side had first use of a wobbly white ball. Simon Constantine was an early casualty but Gavin Tovey and Ian Skyes set about the bowling with 2 threes in their first over, after which Ian decided that 4s were the way to go.  They set a challenging run rate close to 10/over before Ian snicked to the keeper bringing a pair of Gav’s together.

The ball was moving like a boomerang now so a short period of consolidation followed before they both cut loose.  Mr Tovey struck the first 6 of the day, retiring first on exactly 25*, followed by Mr Burden, who smote the next two 6s (one a lovely pick up off middle and leg to clear the HBL trees) only a few balls later on 27*.

BT joined the fray with Mike Jones and they pushed the score on steadily, with BT (20*) unfurling a couple of glorious cover drives from the memory banks. Mike Jones (19) perished for the cause bringing a Rich Crook and skipper McMememy to the crease for a couple of small cameos. With extras top scoring on 32 we posted a challenging, but by no means certain, 146 off our 16 overs.

Rich opened with a tidy over down the hill and Gibbo got the uphill job.  Otford progressed at about 8 an over as, Nigel Ransom and Mike Jones all put in stints.  Otford were always there or there abouts with creditable knocks from Lindsey (28*), Pyman (25*) and Bell (20*), aided and abetted by some rather leaden handed catching, or more accurately dropping, by a number of culprits. Gav got one stumping, and held on to one catch. Fingers chalked up another victim with Mike Jone the pick of the bowling with 15-2.  Our best over was bowled by Nigel Ransom – 2 runs and 1 wicket (bowled).

Meanwhile a 6 to cow hit a moving target (a silver 4×4 Merc) with a resounding thwack and Mrs Macca gave the day’s Skip the death stare, twice, as she was “asked” to move her 4×4 further and further down HBL just as Otford were opening up a final salvo.

And so we got to the last over, which was given to Gibbo, up the hill, and to a left hand bat. Only a few 6s needed….6, 1, 6, ……squeaky bum time……and then a more controlled 2, 1, 1 gave OOs the first win of the year by 7 runs.

See the slideshow below, or if you have an incompatible OS / Browser try this link Old Oaks vs Otford Gallery

A great game, played in a great spirit and a great win to break our duck.

Team:- Paul McMenemy, Gavin Tovey, Simon Constantine, Ian Sykes, Gavan Burden, Rich Crook, Alan Gibson, Mike Jones, Bryan Thompson, Will Minto, Nigel Ransom

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