2020 Fixtures

Date Time Oposition Competition Location Team
Saturday 20th April12:00Leeds & BroomfieldVINE1st XI
Friday 26th April18:00OrbiliansVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 27th April12:00ReigateAway1st XI
Saturday 27th April12:00ReigateVINE2nd XI
Sunday 28th April12:00HailshamVINE1st XI
Friday 3rd May18:00The Judd SchoolVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 4th May12:00HolmesdaleVINE1st XI
Saturday 4th May12:00HolmesdaleAway2nd XI
Saturday 4th May13:30EgertonLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 10th May18:00Solefield SlumberersVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 11th May12:00BexleyLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 11th May12:00BexleyLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 11th May13:30Gravesend RFLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 17th May14:00Hawaii 50VINEOld Oaks
Saturday 18th May12:00LordswoodLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 18th May12:00LordswoodLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 18th May13:30RainhamLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 24th May18:00St. Michael’sVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 25th May12:00BlackheathLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 25th May12:00BlackheathLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 25th May13:30NO GAME3rd XI
Friday 31st May18:00PlaxtolVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 1st June12:00BeckenhamLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 1st June12:00HayesLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 1st June13:30Kings HillLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 7th June18:00Sevenoaks PrepVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 8th June12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 8th June12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 8th June13:30EgertonLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 14th June18:00Presidents XIVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 15th June12:00Bickley ParkLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 15th June12:00HolmesdaleLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 15th June13:30LenhamLeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 16th June13:30HolmesdaleAwayDev XI
Friday 21st June18:00Amherst SchoolVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 22nd June12:00Sandwich TownLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 22nd June12:00Sandwich TownLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 22nd June13:30Minster (Sheppey)LeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 23rd June13:30BexleyAwayDev XI
Friday 28th June18:00Savills VINEOld Oaks
Saturday 29th June12:00CanterburyLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 29th June12:00TenterdenLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 29th June13:30The MoteLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 5th July18:00KnockersVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 6th July12:00HSBCLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 6th July12:00Bromley CommonLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 6th July13:30Snodland CommunityLeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 7th July10:00HolmesdaleAwayDev XI
Monday 8th July11:30Lloyd's of LondonCricket WeekVINECricket Week
Tuesday 9th July11:30AKCCCricket WeekVINECricket Week
Tuesday 9th July18:30Clark Trophy FinalCricket WeekVINECricket Week
Wednesday 10th July10:30MCCCricket WeekVINECricket Week
Thursday 11th July10:30Chance to ShineCricket WeekVINECricket Week
Friday 12th July10:306-a-side TournamentCricket WeekVINECricket Week
Friday 12th July18:00OtfordVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 13th July12:00BexleyLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 13th July12:00BexleyLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 13th July13:30Gravesend RFLeagueOtford3rd XI
Sunday 14th July10:00All Day Tri SeriesVINEDev XI
Friday 19th July18:00BlackwoodVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 20th July12:00LordswoodLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 20th July12:00LordswoodLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 20th July13:30RainhamLeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 21st July14:00Linden ParkVINEDev XI
Friday 26th July18:00IghthamVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 27th July12:00BlackheathLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 27th July12:00BlackheathLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 27th July13:30NO GAME 3rd XI
Sunday 28th July13:30SouthboroughVINEDev XI
Friday 2nd August18:00Rye Golf ClubVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 3rd August12:00BeckenhamLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 3rd August12:00HayesLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 3rd August13:30Kings HillLeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 4th August13:00BidboroughVINEDev XI
Friday 9th August18:00LocksbottomVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 10th August12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 10th August12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 10th August13:30NO GAME 3rd XI
Sunday 11th August14:00Leeds & BroomfieldAwayDev XI
Thursday 15th August14:00DragonsVINEDev XI
Friday 16th August18:00TBCVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 17th August12:00Bickley ParkLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 17th August12:00HolmesdaleLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 17th August13:00LenhamLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 23rd August18:00HeathensVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 24th August12:00Sandwich TownLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 24th August12:00Sandwich TownLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 24th August13:00Minster (Sheppey)LeagueOtford3rd XI
Sunday 25th August13:00Tunbridge WellsAwayDev XI
Friday 30th August18:00Rugby ClubVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 31st August12:00CanterburyLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 31st August12:00TenterdenLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 31st August13:00The MoteLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 6th September12:00Bromley CommonLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 7th September12:00HSBCLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 7th September13:00Snodland CommunityLeagueOtford3rd XI
Saturday 7th September12:00PortoPortoOld Oaks
Sunday 8th September12:00PortoPortoOld Oaks

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