Sevenoaks Vine Cricket Club is committed to developing our youngsters.  We have the support of the Kent Cricket Board being a Focus Club and we have an excellent tradition of juniors progressing to our 1st XI, then to First Class and even international cricket.

Our children are our future so the goal is clear – to help nurture the stars of the future and maximise their cricketing potential.

The purpose of the Academy is to transition children from the Junior teams to the Senior League Teams, which is why this page appears in two places on our web site.  Age is not a limiting factor here, if you are good enough you are old enough but children need to be safe against the speed of a hard ball in the adult game.  This playing environment gives young men and women visibility on the county and national circuit to follow in the footsteps of our previous first class cricketers.

The Academy focuses on developing players from U15 to U21 into senior club cricketers.  In 2013, 23 players (selected by the Senior and Junior club) will be challenged to play more competitive cricket, they will be provided with extra coaching and mentoring, and encouraged to think deeper about their game.  In 2012 Academy members played 154 senior games of Cricket, next year we are aiming to raise that figure to 200.  If you fit the age range with ambitions of maximising your potential and you are either interested in joining our academy now or playing in our Junior ranks first, please contact us.

The Academy is run by Shami Iqbal who is a Premier League winning captain in 1997, Mike Thompson the 2nd XI Captain, Rick Parsons the Club Coach and Miles Richardson the Junior Coaching Co-ordinator.

Between them they will assess which youngsters should be playing adult cricket and we hope that these youngsters will make themselves available for selection on a Saturday afternoon for a league side, assuming there is no clash with any schools cricket, or a Sunday afternoon in the Jazzers development side.

Email:- Select “Shami Iqbal, “Mike Thompson”, “Rick Parsons” or “Miles Richardson” in the email form on our contact page

2019 Fixtures

Date Time Oposition Competition Location Team
Saturday 14th April12:00BarnesVINE1st XI
Saturday 21st April12:00Reigate PrioryVINE1st XI
Saturday 21st April12:00Reigate PrioryVINE1st XI
Friday 27th April18:00OrbiliansVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 28th April12:00The MoteAway1st XI
Sunday 29th April12:00Leeds & BroomfieldVINE1st XI
Sunday 29th April12:00Leeds & BroomfieldVINE2nd XI
Sunday 29th April12:00Leeds & BroomfieldVINE3rd XI
Friday 4th May18:00The Judd SchoolVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 5th May12:00Bickley ParkLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 5th May12:00HartleyLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 5th May13:30SherwoodLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 11th May18:00Solefield SlumberersVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 12th May12:00BlackheathLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 12th May12:00HolmesdaleLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 12th May13:30UpchurchLeagueOtford3rd XI
Saturday 19th May12:00LordswoodLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 19th May12:00LordswoodLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 19th May13:30LordswoodLeagueAway3rd XI
Saturday 19th May14:00Oporto OportoOld Oaks
Sunday 20th May14:00Oporto OportoOld Oaks
Friday 25th May18:00St. Michael’sVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 26th May12:00BexleyLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 26th May12:00BexleyLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 26th May13:30BorstalLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 1st June18:00PlaxtolVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 2nd June12:00TenterdenLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 2nd June12:00TenterdenLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 2nd June13:30NO GAME3rd XI
Friday 8th June18:00Sevenoaks PrepVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 9th June12:00Bromley CommonLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 9th June12:00WhitstableLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 9th June13:30Old WilliamsoniansLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 15th June18:00New BeaconVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 16th June12:00BeckenhamLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 16th June12:00BeckenhamLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 16th June13:30StaplehurstLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 22nd June18:00Sevenoaks Rugby ClubVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 23rd June12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 23rd June12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueSVCC Otford2nd XI
Saturday 23rd June13:30Snodland CommunityLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 29th June18:00Savills VINEOld Oaks
Saturday 30th June12:00Sandwich TownLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 30th June12:00Sandwich TownLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 30th June13:30Holcombe & Blue Bell HillLeagueOtford3rd XI
Sunday 1st July13:30BexleyAwayAcademy
Friday 6th July11:30KnockersVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 7th July12:00Bickley ParkLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 7th July12:00HartleyLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 7th July13:30SherwoodLeagueOtford3rd XI
Sunday 8th July13:30Linden ParkAwayAcademy
Friday 13th July18:00Sevenoaks Rugby ClubVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 14th July12:00BlackheathLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 14th July12:00HolmesdaleLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 14th July13:30UpchurchLeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 15th JulytbcHolmesdaleLeagueVINEAcademy
Wednesday 18th July18:00Leeds & BroomfieldAwayAcademy
Friday 20th July18:00Otford T20VINEOld Oaks
Saturday 21st July12:00LordswoodLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 21st July12:00LordswoodLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 21st July13:30LordswoodLeagueOtford3rd XI
Friday 27th July18:00BlackwoodVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 28th July12:00BexleyLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 28th July12:00BexleyLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 28th July13:30BorstalLeagueAway3rd XI
Sunday 29th JulytbcTunbridge WellsLeagueAwayAcademy
Friday 3rd August18:00BlackheathVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 4th August12:00TenterdenLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 4th August12:00TenterdenLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 4th August13:30NO GAME3rd XI
Sunday 5th August13:00HartleyVINEAcademy
Wednesday 8th August18:00CowdreyAwayAcademy
Friday 10th August18:00Presidents XIVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 11th August12:00Bromley CommonLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 11th August12:00WhitstableLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 11th August13:30Old WilliamsoniansLeagueAway3rd XI
Friday 17th August18:00IghthamVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 18th August12:00BeckenhamLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 18th August12:00BeckenhamLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 18th August13:00StaplehurstLeagueOtford3rd XI
Sunday 19th August13:30Bells Yew GreenLeagueVINEAcademy
Friday 24th August18:00Sevenoaks PrepVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 25th August12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueAway1st XI
Saturday 25th August12:00Tunbridge WellsLeagueVINE2nd XI
Saturday 25th August13:00Snodland CommunityLeagueOtford3rd XI
Sunday 26th August13:00BidboroughLeagueVINEAcademy
Friday 31st August18:00LocksbottomVINEOld Oaks
Saturday 1st September12:00Sandwich TownLeagueVINE1st XI
Saturday 1st September12:00Sandwich TownLeagueAway2nd XI
Saturday 1st September13:00Holcombe & Blue Bell HillLeagueAway3rd XI

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