Jazzers/Devlopment – Sunday Side

Captain:- Harry Robinson
Email:- Select ‘Harry Robinson’ in the email form on our contact page

Jazzers play their home games on Sevenoaks Vine.

Our main aims our simple:

1. Provide a transition pathway from Junior to Adult cricket.
2. Encourage an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere where young cricketers can reach their potential at the Vine.
3. Play a competitive brand of cricket; but in understanding, that developing players is our main goal.

This year we will be entering an Under 21 League with teams in the local area run by Invicta Cricket. Of course, winning this league is one of our objectives; however, developing each and every cricketer is our main goal over the upcoming season.

We also will be entering the Tunbridge Wells Under 17 festival this summer.

Looking forward to the season.


2018 Season


Sunday 1st 1:30 Bexley Away
Sunday 8th 1:30 Linden Park Away
Sunday 15th 1:30 Holmesdale Home
Wednesday 18th 18:00 Leeds and Broom Away
Sunday 29th TBC T.Wells Away


Sunday 5th 1.30 Hartley Home
Wednesday 8th 18.00 Cowdrey Away
Sunday 19th 1:30 Bells View Green Home
Sunday 26th 1:00 Bidborough Home


2019 Fixtures

Date Time Oposition Competition Location Team