From investment and tax planning, to mortgage and pensions advice, Finura delivers innovative ideas and unique plans to help clients achieve their goals in the quickest timeframe possible across all aspects of their personal and professional lives.
Why Finura
Our vision and mission centre on delivering an exceptional service and making a meaningful improvement to the lives of our clients. We believe a modern advice practice must prove their value add beyond investment management and demonstrate expertise and a personal touch unavailable with the scope of online advice.
What we do
As a technology-led, full-service financial planning company, we lean on cutting-edge behavioural finance research and Lifestyle and Cash Flow modelling software to empower clients to make better financial decisions to meet their family, professional and personal lifestyle aspirations.
How we work
We offer initial meetings entirely at our cost, taking the time to understand and gather the information required to determine whether, in paying us fees, we will make a meaningful difference to your goals and aspirations. Supported by a transparent fee structure, clients will always be kept informed of what we are doing and why.
To find out more about our services, and what makes us different, contact Glen Bastick on