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Mote Colts

12 May 2013 - Mike Wright

Vine travelled to Maidstone to play Mote Colts for the first match of the new season. New to this Division the Mote strength was unknown.

On a bright and breezy day Vine captain Christian Bryant won the toss and elected for the safe option of fielding first.

Ryan Gavin opened the bowling with Hugh Jones. The pitch was damp and bouncy and Gavin varied the pitch and width making scoring difficult and was well rewarded with 2 for 8 off 3 overs. Jones bowled line and length and pegged the Colts back with 1 for 5 in 3 overs.

Michael Jacobs hit the stumps with a direct hit from backward point to add to the pressure and remove an opening batter.

Bryant brought himself on and upped the tempo with some quick balls. His first over was a maiden and he gave away 3 runs off 3 overs. Sam Brown kept up the barrage with length balls that were chest high to the smaller opposition. He finished with game best figures of 2 for 6 off 4 overs.

With the opposition finding runs off the bat hard to come by, Bryant tossed the ball around and Matthew Oster took the next wicket, followed by a wicket maiden from Jacobs with beautiful legbreaks that were mostly unplayable (1 for 2 of 3). Callum Turner bowled a maiden, Sam Meakin took a wicket.

Mote Colts were restricted to 54 off the 22 overs.

Captain Bryant agreed to mix up the batting order in lieu of the low total and opened with Jones and wicketkeeper Barton. Both batsmen were in fine form and knocked off the total in 12 overs without loss. Barton scored 15 and Jones 23 with extras making up the rest.

A winning start to the season for Vine U13.